Bronx Hard Money loans Close In 3 Days

Are you tired of waiting? Why should you wait to get into your dream home? Being approved for a home or business loan can take up precious time. Instead of waiting for preapproval, property inspections, and the final decision on your complete financial picture, allow Hard Money Brooklyn the privilege of loaning you money for the real estate of your home or business.


Rather than waiting months to hear if you have been approved, we can get you into your real estate building faster. Approval takes between seven to 14 days to determine if Hard Money Brooklyn  is the right fit for you.


The amounts you are requesting will determine how long until you hear back from us. Unlike going through banks or paying out of pocket, Hard Money Brooklyn  consists of private moneylenders willing to advance $100,000 to $100 million plus. We focus our decision on the real estate property instead of your credit score. Alternatively, we let the property’s value speak for itself.


If the bank says “no,” let Hard Money Brooklyn say “yes” to your company’s or family’s future. Private money loans are a common avenue that professionals choose to take to keep their company making money and keep other deals.


The turnaround time for the bank will never be fast enough for you. Do not lose time sensitize deals because the bank waits weeks to release your funders. Did you know that with Hard Money Brooklyn  you see your money faster? You receive the funds in three to 14 days.


Whether you need the cash fast because you are purchasing foreclosure houses or you are trying to address building violations, Hard Money Brooklyn can help provide you with a private money loan. Not only do we provide a quick approval and funds release, we also finance those in the New York boroughs of Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. We provide businesses and individuals the finances they need to survive and prosper. 




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