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New York Hard Money Loans, including Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan


Obtaining easy financing for real estate is finally here!  Multiple hard money lenders will review your application and provide offers for loan amounts that can vary in size from $100,000 to over $100 million.  Wait only 3 to 7 days to receive the funds you need (non-complex loans).  You do not have to look anywhere else for quick real estate loans!


The Basics of Hard Money Loans


§  When bank's are unwilling to lend money, hard money can provide you with the cash you need

 §  Private investors and companies are in a position to offer this type of high risk financing

§  Credit Score is NOT a primary factor when approving your loan

§  Collateral for your loan is the real estate that you are buying, improving, converting or saving

§  Application approval is based on the value of the real property

 §  Fast funding available in as little as 3-14 days

§  Loans available in New York, including Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan and Across the Nation


Top Reasons to Move Forward With Hard Money


v  Traditional financing requires borrowers to prepare and submit endless paperwork

v  Hard money loan process is straightforward

v  Multi-family builder or dealer

v  Access to quick funds enables you to move onto your next deal

v  A bank has issued a denial

v  Prevent a foreclosure, tax lien, resolve building code violations, etc.

v  Invest the funds to make even more money

 v  Require a short term bridge loan

v  Purchase REO's, Short Sales, or Foreclosures

v  Under pressure to complete a time sensitive deal

How to Use the Proceeds of a Hard Money Loan 


o   Bridge Loan

o   Church

o   Construction or Repair

o   Commercial or Residential Improvement/Rehab

o   Acquisition

o   Refinancing Existing Debt

o   Stop the Foreclosure Process

o   Purchase or Improve Raw Land

o   Cash Out

o   Avoid Bankruptcy


Hard money loans are the sensible choice for individuals who would like to make money.  You no longer have to use traditional lenders -- access our private lenders now by completing the application process!







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