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You save money when hard money lenders compete for your business for a loan amount of $100, 000 to over $100 million.  You get the money in 3 to 7 days, depending on the complexity of your loan request.  There is no better way to get the money you need without any delays!


 Hard Money Loan Basics


·         These are higher risk loans that traditional banks won't touch

 ·         Offered by private investors and companies

·         Credit score is NOT a main factor in the decision-making process

·         Real estate serves as collateral for this asset-based loan

·         Loan Approval is based on the value of the property

·         Fast Loan Funding in as little as 3-14 days

·         Loans are available in both New York State and Across the Nation


Top 10 Reasons To Use Private Money Loans


1.       Invest it and make even more money

 2.       Avoid a tax lien, foreclosure, bankruptcy, building violation, etc

3.       Traditional bank has issued a denial

4.       A time-sensitive deal needs quick funding

5.       You want a short term bridge loan

6.       Get fast money for your next real estate deal

 7.       You're a builder or dealer of 1-4 family properties

8.       Perfect for Foreclosures, REO's or Short Sales

9.       The commercial hard money loan process is easier

10.   Banks have too much red tape



You Can Use a Hard Money Loan For:


Ø  Residential or Commercial Property

Ø  Construction

Ø  Land

Ø  Bridge

Ø  Church

Ø  Rehab

Ø  Acquisitions

Ø  Refinancing

Ø  Flips

 Ø  Stop Foreclosure


Hard money loans are cheaper than missing out on a valuable or one-shot real estate deal.  Contact us now to get more information or start the loan application process right now!





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