New York Construction Loan

When you have a construction project that needs financing, you need a hard money lender that you can depend on. We have the experience you need! And our experience allows us to make the process as simple as possible. We know you wantto get your construction loanso that you can stop worrying about the money and start concentrating on your project.

What if your project needs significant funding? Don’t worry! We regularly lend between $100,000 and $100 million dollars- and beyond. We understand high budget projects. We don’t care if you have bad credit. You need to get started fast and we can make it happen.

We won’t force you tofill out endless pages of paperwork like other lenders. Traditional banks are known for making you suffer through considerable red tape even before they tell you that they are unable to help. With our hard lending company all of that stress is eliminated.

What about fees? There are never any upfront fees or prepayment penalties when you work with us. Do you live in one of New York’s five boroughs- the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, or Staten Island? Then we can help!

Qualifying for a construction loan doesn’t have to be complicated. Give us a call or send us an email and we can discuss your project and the money you need to finance it. Let’s get the ball rolling. Our helpful team is experienced and dependable. They will answer all of your questions and make sure that no matter what you are satisfied with our services.

We are businessmen too and we know what it’s like to need to get going on a project without delay.  That’s why we have completely simplified the process so that you can get the money you need in a very short time.




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Brooklyn, NY
Loan Amount: $500,000
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