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Purchasing Real Estate With Hard Money Loans




Are you interested in purchasing residential or commercial real estate?  Are you concerned about how you are going to finance the deal?  If so, then you no longer have to worry -- New York Hard Money Loans can provide you with the funds you need to close quickly!


When you use our Simple, No-fee, No-obligation loan application, you will receive between 1 to 4 different quotes from lenders, who are ready to fight one another to lend you their money in sizes from $100K to over $100 million.  Depending on the complexity of your real estate deal, you can receive the hard money loan in as little as 7 to 14 days.  Our nationwide lenders can provide you financing for New York State, as well as the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan or Station Island.



Difference Between Hard Money Loans And Conventional Financing


·         Hard money loans can be processed with fewer lending requirements, while conventional bank financing have considerable amounts of red tape.

 ·         Hard money lenders look at the value of the property they are lending on, while conventional banks base their decision on the credit score of the borrower.

·         Hard money loans can be funded in a short amount of time, usually 3 to 14 days, while banks can take months to make a decision.

·         Hard money lenders are willing to lend in high risk situations, while banks typically only provide financing in low risk scenarios.




Reasons To Use New York Hard Money Loans For Your Next Real Estate Deal


v  Interested in a short-term loan

v  Your legal entity is setup as a trust, corporation or other type

v  You are seeking a fast closing for Commercial Real Estate

v  The property you are looking to purchase is a Short Sale, REO or Foreclosure

v  You want to invest in or build multi-family properties

v  You have been turned down for traditional bank financing

v  You are considering a bridge loan option

v  You require fast funds in order to close on a time sensitive real estate purchase

v  You want to reinvest the funds and make more money

v  You are trying to stop a tax lien, foreclosure, bankruptcy

v  You want a bridge loan




Using Private Money to Make Money


ü  Acquire residential or commercial real estate that can include:


o   Motels

 o   Apartments

 o   Office Space

 o   Land

 o   Church

 o   Golf Course

o   Plazas

 o   Land


ü  Construct a building

ü  Flip real estate

 ü  Cash Out Financing

ü  Purchase Foreclosures

ü  Remodel or improve your current real estate portfolio

ü  Prevent foreclosure or bankruptcy


You no longer have to worry about how you are going to finance your next real estate deal.  When you have access to hard money loans, you can move quickly, secure your target piece of real estate and close within a matter of days!  Don't let another opportunity pass you by -- submit your application for a hard money loan today!





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